“Our IT Support expenditure has reduced by 68% since we started using this service. No travel costs, no delayed downtime and they do not bill their time if they can not resolve the issue”

“Certainly a must have solution for any company. No more waiting for onsite service calls”

“Quick response, great service and extensive knowledge”

“Very convenient in times of crisis”

“Unbelievable service! Our company needs constant support and your consultants are ALWAYS available and willing to assist”

“The time and money you saved me from getting a consultant on-site certainly makes this service remarkable”

“Phenomenal response, friendly staff and great service. The consultant was able to resolve an issue I have had for 3 weeks. Thank you!”

“I have been teaching in China for the last year and finding IT Support with the language barrier seemed impossible and frustrating. I was recommended to contact RemoteDesk and, even though they do not support outside of South Africa, was very accommodating in my request to assist with support on issues keeping me from performing my duties as a teacher. Thank you guys for a great service!!”

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