Terms Of Service

We reserve the right to refuse any request for remote IT support

We reserve the right to terminate any session.

Unless you have a service agreement with remotedesk.co.za, Remote IT support will only commence on completion of deposit payments

Direct deposits and account holders reserve highest priority

Deposits are refunded should the issue not be resolved and is based on the outcome of the session

Refund process will take a minimum of 3 working days

Sessions are calculated per hour or part thereof

Extended IT support hours will be quoted accordingly

Extended IT support hours resulting from poor internet connectivity issues originating from the host side will be billed accordingly

Sessions will be limited to reported issues only and any additional tasks must be authorised

Unless authorised by RemoteDesk.co.za, remote support will not be allowed via Telephone, Email or any other means other than TeamViewer

Remote IT support is reserved for South African residents and corporate entities only

Remote IT support extended hours resulting from incorrect information provided by remote host operator will be billed accordingly

Each session must be approved as resolved by remote host operator by completing Session Result form

Once a session is marked as resolved, any new requests for previous issues will be billed as a new session

Sessions are not recorded in any way and your security is of utmost concern to us

Secure and Trusted Session information, ie. Logins & Passwords, Remote Access Details, will not be documented nor captured for any reason and any session notes will be destroyed upon confirmation of session status