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We offer AdHoc remote support for Corporate and Individuals in urgent need of IT assistance.

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About RemoteDesk

RemoteDesk allows a IT Support Technician remote access to your computer or server with secure remote access software. Allowing them to support and troubleshoot general support issues or assist with basic installations and configurations.

Remote IT Support from highly qualified, experienced IT Support engineers. We offer Remote IT Support and IT Security for Desktops, Servers, Websites.

Remote IT Support

Identifying a need for Fast, Secure and Affordable IT Support, Cyber Watchdogs (Pty) Ltd, South Africa launched its RemoteDesk division for this service in 2018.

Quickly gaining traction because of its focus on quality of service and customer care, RemoteDesk has grown from an independent IT Support service to an every day tool to manage corporate infrastructure and deliver solutions for day-to-day operational impact from issues relating to Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Networks in South Africa

With an average turn around time for troubleshooting and resolving basic issues being 18 minutes, we pride ourselves in the understanding of customers need for availability of information.

We use Teamviewer for remote access which allows us access to most devices with an internet connection.

We pride ourselves in delivering cost effective support and services in a secure and efficient manner.

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