Free PC Support


Free PC Support

Free PC Support for small businesses & families under financial difficulty during lockdown. Providing assistance in the child's education reliant on technology during Lockdown. If you have a child or two that need tech support to access online resources for education, we are here to help. If you are a Government authorised small business with PC or Server problems, we will try and assist for free. (Subject to resource availability)

Service Available: Mon - Fri (08h00 - 16h00)

Please send us a motivational email and we will respond as soon as possible.

We ask that you do not abuse this service and respect the value of our intent. Any indication of abuse will terminate the service immediately. Please ONLY submit this application if you are in dire need for computer support and you are financially unable to request this service from an IT Support Company.

Should you require remote support for any other reason, please visit

WARNING: If you apply for FreeDesk in an attempt to defraud this free remote support service with false claims, corruption, fraudulent documentation, marketing or will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Please read - Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Available in South Africa only

Free Computer Support Service only available during April 2020

FreeDesk Application Request

Free Computer Support FreeDesk allows a IT Support Technician remote access to your computer or server with secure remote access software. Allowing them to remote support and troubleshoot general support issues or assist with basic installations and configurations on devices used for a child's education.